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Our Services

Medical Waste Disposal Services

Medical Waste Disposal

Pick ups based on customer needs, no hidden fees or fuel charges, and cradle to grave tracking!

Digital Marketing Ads

Digital Marketing Solutions

We have various digital ad displays including hand sanitizer digital ad displays and up to 43 inch digital ad displays.

Infection & Odor Control Services

Infection & Odor Control

Using our cordless electrostatic sprayer, we ensure a powerful - eco friendly clean at your facility!

Compliance Training

Online Compliance Training

We have a customized customer portal which includes a full online compliance suite for your OSHA Training!

Industries We Serve

Funeral Homes

Managing the medical waste disposal in a funeral home in an effective and safe way is crucial.


Though veterinarians produce a smaller amount of medical waste, the guidelines remain the same in regards to treatment of the waste.


The waste developed at these facilities is general medical waste such as gauze and sharps.

Long-Term Care Facilities

Through the daily routine of taking care of the elderly, regulated medical waste is generated and must be properly disposed of.

Emergency Care Clinics

Sharps waste is also produced at these facilities and must be kept in a sharps container.

Physician Practices

A doctors office produces types of medical waste from medical waste due to many factors including diseases, emergency medical, or regular patient visits.

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