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Serving Acworth, Georgia for all of your medical waste disposal, Bio-Hazard, and Sharps Disposal Needs. We provide biohazardous waste services across Georgia at an affordable cost! This includes Acworth, GA! We have no hidden fees or charges for your sharps container disposal. Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to help you to start saving sooner!

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Medical Waste

Classified as any waste resulting from medical, nursing, dental, pharmaceutical, skin penetration or other related clinical activity, being waste that has the potential to cause injury, infection or offence, and includes waste containing any of the following: human tissue (other than hair, teeth and nails), bulk body fluids or blood visibly blood-stained body fluids, materials or equipment laboratory specimens or cultures, animal tissue, carcasses or other waste from animals used for medical research.


Classified as human derived tissues, organs and body parts as well as vertebrate animal derived tissues, organs, and body parts that are recognizable. This however, does not include the following: teeth, and contiguous cultures of bone and gum, body fluids removed during surgery, autopsy, or other medical procedures, specimens of body fluids and their containers, and discarded materials soaked with body fluids(other than urine).


Classified as any waste collected from designated sharps waste containers used in the course of business, commercial or community service activities, being waste resulting from the use of sharps for any of the following purposes: human health care by health professionals and other health care providers, medical research or work on cadavers, veterinary care or veterinary research, skin penetration or the injection of drugs or other substances for medical or non-medical reasons but does not include waste that has been treated on the site where it was generated, and to a standard specified in an EPA gazettal notice.
Sharps means those things: that have sharp points or edges capable of cutting, piercing or penetrating the skin (such as needles, syringes with needles or surgical instruments), that are designed for the purpose of cutting, piercing or penetrating the skin, that have the potential to cause injury or infection.


Classified as waste that has been generated by activities carried out for business or other commercial purposes and that consists of pharmaceutical or other chemical substances specified in the Poisons List made under section 8 of the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966.

Compliance Training

Compliance Training consists of BBP, HAZCOM, HIPAA Training and more! It also includes safety plans, MCDS, Conversion from ICD9-ICD10, Mock OSHA Audits, and more! Our training can be taken individually or as a group. Once you have completed the training, simply print out your certificate and you're done. It's that simple! Start today and help your facility to stay safe and compliant!

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Providing efficient Medical Waste Disposal, Bio-hazard Waste Disposal, Sharps Disposal, & Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal while helping you to cut the cost!

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Medical Waste Management Research Paper

Medical Waste Management is currently of particular importance in the world. The range of drugs used is constantly increasing, as well as the amount and severity of waste generated by the activities of medical institutions. In this regard, there is an increasing risk of contamination. In the past half-century, this complex problem has undergone the…

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Mail Code: 401-02C Division of Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Bureau of Recycling and Hazardous Waste Management P.O. Box 420401 East State Street, 2nd Floor

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What Is Regulated Healthcare Waste?

Regulated medical waste “RMW”, also known as ‘biohazardous’ waste or ‘infectious medical’ waste, is the portion of the waste stream that may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials, thus posing a significant risk of transmitting infection. There are several key categories of waste that are typically classified as ‘regulated’. Each…

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