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What is OSHA? On this page we will have many resources to help you learn about OSHA so you can stay compliant and keep you as well as your employees safe!

Cutting Costs. Increasing Value. We are your primary choice for all of your Green Service Solution needs when searching through all of the medical waste disposal companies About Us The name of our company says it all! Being a “green” company means all of our service solutions are focused on improving the environment in a positive way. Therefore, we …

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Resources For Individual States Regarding Medical Waste Regulations Each state is held liable for their compliance in regards to the regulation of medical waste. The resource links provided by Go Green Solutions, LLC are here to help you stay safe and compliant. Depending on your state, the link will either take you to …

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Medical Waste Management

Medical Waste Disposal Go Green Solutions, LLC – We are here to better help you understand medical waste disposal. Also, we want you to understand what the average costs are as well as how it is categorized. Lastly, we want you to see how it relates to OSHA, and why you need compliance training such …

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More Than A Medical Waste Company Welcome to the Go Green Solutions Blog! Go Green Solutions, LLC We are excited to share posts that relate to the safety of proper medical waste disposal, how to cut the cost on your waste management services, compliance safety, trends in the industry and other various news that will …

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