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What is Medical Waste?

Cutting The Cost of Medical Waste

Medical Waste - Cutting The cost

How can you save on the disposal of your medical waste disposal? You have come to the right place! We will show you some simple steps you can take to ensure you are not overpaying for your medical waste disposal.

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I’m sure when you started your practice you were very patient-focused and probably imagined the majority of your work would be managing their health. In addition, you most likely thought you would be geared towards developing a doctor-patient relationship. While all of the above is true, much appreciation to state and federal regulations along with medical laws, you are required to balance compliance and safety issues.

Because of this, we have made it our goal at Go Green Solutions, LLC to ensure to provide medical waste management as well as compliance solutions. So, if you aren’t compliant or have no idea where to state – look no futher! We are here to not only cut your costs but also ease some of the burden off of you where you can focus on what’s most important; the wellness and safety of your staff and patients.

Step # 1

You Need To Find A Medical Waste Disposal Company

This is the first, and most crucial, step you will take. Creating a partnership with a medical waste company. The laws and regulations are constantly changing, so let someone else handle the disposal of your waste. Furthermore, if you make a mistake and are found to be non-compliant, you will receive OSHA fines! These fines can be very costly.

Medical waste collection companies are up to date on what container types you need, the bags, what can go in them and so on. They also ensure that your waste is transported legally and safe. 

For more information on compliance of your office Click Below.

Step # 2

Ask About Hidden Fees & Charges

When you sign on with a medical waste collection company, make sure to ask about any additional fees. This would include environmental fees, fuel charges, etc. Many companies don’t ask the right questions. Consequently, they are surprised by fluctuating invoices.

Step # 3

Know What Goes In The Bio Box

Usually, medical waste disposal costs are calculated based on weight. It is important that you don’t combine your trash with your waste or else you will be paying more. Be intentional when placing your medical waste box in your facility. Make sure they are separated from your trash bins.

Do your own research. See what you can throw away in the regular trash and what has to go in the bio box and then share with the office staff.


Step # 4

Choose A Frequency That Fits Your Needs

Many companies charge extra for pick ups between your regularly scheduled medical waste pick up. So, make sure the frequency you’re on fits your needs. Whether you are on step one or step four, call us and we can help you to reduce the cost of your medical waste disposal services today! 706-219-0025

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Low Costs
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Never Any Hidden Fees
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