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Go Green Solutions, LLC offers free training to help companies stay safe and compliant! So, what’s the catch you say?

We are happy to say, “There is NO catch”. Our primary goal is to provide customers with quality service, without breaking the bank so to speak.

Still not convinced? Read below to find out more!

OSHA Training

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Every quarter, Go Green Solutions, LLC offers one free training course. The best part: It is 100% unlimited training! Now that is awesome!

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What Does OSHA Have To Do With Me?

Well...OSHA Probably Has to Do A Lot More With You Than You Think!

OSHA training is required by law. Many companies do not fully understand that this training is mandatory and some actually end up paying heavy fines! 

OSHA violations can be avoided with proper compliance training. Go Green Solutions, LLC offers online compliance training at a much lower rate. We also offer this training individually, or as a group so you can take the training at a pace that better fits your company needs!

When considering compliance training, it is crucial to fully understand which training is required and how often it’s required. We can help you with that!

Remember that each state has different guidelines, so it’s important to research the specific OSHA guidelines for your particular state. 

For more information on these regulations and where to find them, go to the “Regulations” blog category. In addition, please see below for additional resources:

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“It’s better to be safe and compliant than injured and fined!”

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