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We are excited to share posts that relate to the safety of proper medical waste disposal, how to cut the cost on your waste management services, compliance safety, trends in the industry and other various news that will be helpful to you! With this, we want to welcome you to our blog! 

Furthermore, not only do we hope that our blog will be helpful, we hope that it will be an educational resource that is interesting and as exciting for you as it is for us!

Finally, our overall goal for this blog is to provide you with a portal that you can search through for answers to any questions you may have. Also, we want to give better insight about various current events as well as some helpful tips to help you stay safe and compliant when it comes to handling your medical waste disposal!


What’s The Deal About Medical Waste Disposal?

Continuing, if you work in any area of the medical field you may have witnessed that there are changes being made in regards to how you must handle items like infectious waste, out of date medications, and sharps or needles. 

As a result, you must dispose of medical waste in a proper and safe manner. For instance, they cannot be just taken out with your regular trash as this puts individuals, including yourselves, at potential risk. So, in order to protect people there have been specific guidelines set in place by individual states and the federal government. To read more about the specific guidelines in your state please click here. We are working on creating our own pages for this in the future. 


Sharps Safety At A Glance

Review the list from the NIH to read many principles on how to safely dispose of sharps.
All staff employed at Healthcare facilities should follow guidelines for handling sharps safely when disposing of them. Safety first! Follow these steps below:

  • Handle Sharps as little as possible.
  • Promptly Discard (approved sharps container)
  • Fill sharps containers only to the “fill line”
  • Close when not being uses
  • Keep in room away from the public

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