Go Green Solutions, LLC

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Go Green Solutions offers the best medical waste solutions in the state of Georgia. Our complete services of bio-hazard waste disposal, sharps container disposal (sharps disposal), medical waste disposal, and pharmaceutical waste needs offer up savings while increasing customer service. We are subject matter experts with concentration in providing quality service at an affordable rate all while keep you compliant and our environment safe.

Continuing, we are the medical waste disposal company you need. When searching for a medical waste disposal company, it is important to find one that puts you first! Too often, the needs of medical waste disposal companies are put first and YOU are the one paying for it – Literally!

Furthermore, it is time you turn to a medical waste disposal company you can trust!  Our medical waste disposal company is built off of rates that don’t increase and where there are no hidden fees on your invoices. 

For example, it is wise to choose a medical waste disposal company that would based your medical waste pick ups on your schedule verses theirs and one that would help save you money all while keeping you compliant.

To conclude, we are efficient and provide environmentally safe solutions for your medical waste disposal, sharps container disposal, bio-hazard disposal services, and OSHA compliance training (risk management). 


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