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Alabama Medical Waste Disposal Services

Tired of overpaying for your Alabama Medical Waste Disposal Services? We have a sharps disposal solution for you! Go Green Solutions, LLC offers medical waste disposal to many states, including Alabama! Continue reading to learn more about our Alabama Medical Waste Disposal Services and more!

When choosing a Medical Waste Collection Company, it is important to ask the right questions. Therefore, we created a quick guide to help. Please see below:

What is the experience level of the company? History is important in any company – even a sharps disposal company!

    • What system is used for routes?
    • Is Compliance Training offered?
    • Is the Company 100% Compliant?
    • How effectively do they communicate?

Does the company seem open to work with you?

  • Not all needs are the same. Some companies need flexible scheduling or have specific pick up requests. It is important to find a company that is willing and open to discussing the specific needs of your company; a sharps disposal company willing to tailor to your needs!

Do they have simple billing?

  • It is crucial to find out how you will be charged – before you sign up! Waste companies can have a significant difference in fees when it comes to medical waste disposal. Check and make sure there are never any hidden fees or fuel charges.

Do they have a Compliance Officer | Customer Advocate?

  • Some companies have no level of support. It is important that the company you sign on with has someone that can walk you through compliance training as well as support you through the process of how their companies works and anything else you need support with.
Join Many Others

Go Green Solutions offers the best medical waste solutions in the state of Alabama. Our complete services of bio-hazard waste disposal, sharps container disposal (sharps disposal), medical waste disposal, and pharmaceutical waste needs offer up savings while increasing customer service. We are subject matter experts with concentration in providing quality service at an affordable rate all while keep you compliant and our environment safe.

Continuing, we are the medical waste disposal company you need. When searching for a medical waste disposal company, it is important to find one that puts you first! Too often, the needs of medical waste disposal companies are put first and YOU are the one paying for it – Literally!

Furthermore, it is time you turn to a medical waste disposal company you can trust!  Our medical waste disposal company is built off of rates that don’t increase and where there are no hidden fees on your invoices. 

For example, it is wise to choose a medical waste disposal company that would based your medical waste pick ups on your schedule verses theirs and one that would help save you money all while keeping you compliant.

To conclude, we are efficient and provide environmentally safe solutions for your medical waste disposal, sharps container disposal, bio-hazard disposal services, and OSHA compliance training (risk management). 


Our Promise To You

Go Green Solutions, LLC in Alabama offers the most efficient and reliable medical waste disposal as well as sharps disposal services, quality customer service, risk management services, and more. 

We ensure your satisfaction while decreasing your costs. Simple, Easy, Compliant 

The way it should be.

We are Flexible:

Our service is based on your medical waste disposal needs; not ours. You get to choose your medical waste disposal frequency, not the other way around. In return, this can save you over 30% on your current medical waste disposal services. Whether you need bio-hazard services, including medical waste disposal and sharps container disposal, or even OSHA compliance training, we have you covered. 

We are Reliable:

Here at Go Green we know the importance of timely medical waste pick ups. We will show up and provide excellent customer service all while saving you money and helping you to stay compliant. Why choose multiple vendors when you can choose one and have one simple invoice? Consolidate today and let Go Green handle your medical waste disposal in Alabama as well as many other locations! 


What Sets Us Apart From The Other Medical Waste Collection Companies?

  • Access To Electronic Manifests
  • Access To All Invoicing History
  • Compliance Training Portal
  • Safety Plans
  • ICD9-ICD10 Conversion
  • Plus More!
  • Flexible Frequency
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Cradle to Grave Tracking
  • Personal Customer Advocate
  • Prompt Service

Waste management

Serving the following areas in Alabama: Including, but not limited to BirminghamAnnistonand Montgomery areas.

Medical Waste Collection In Alabama

Go Green Solutions offers medical waste management service to several areas across Alabama. So, call today for more information! 706-219-0025 or, click below for a free quote!


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