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Medical Waste Disposal Services

Need subject matter experts to help with your medical waste disposal? We can help with your sharps container and sharps disposal needs! Go Green Medical Waste Solutions is your primary choice for your all of your Waste Management needs! This includes medical waste disposal as well as compliance solutions. We have subject matter experts that will help in the proper pickup with cradle to grave tracking of your medical waste. Whether you are a clinic, private practice, hospital, research center or lab, we are excited about the opportunity to earn your business.

A local waste disposal service company that cares! We offer sharps disposal to the following areas in Georgia

Including, but not limited to, Macon, Atlanta, Athens, Alpharetta, Rome, and Roswell areas. We also service throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia, and Kentucky. Our services help protect the environment and communities. Think GREEN!

Infectious Biohazard Medical Waste | Sharps, Pathological, Trace Chemo and Non-Hazardous

Our medical waste disposal services include:

Pick Up Schedule Based on Customer Needs | All Bio Boxes, Red Bags, and Labels | Guidance On Compliance Needs | Document Sterilization, Transfer and Disposal 

*Free Sharps Container with Bundle Option

Go Green Medical Waste Disposal; Simple Billing & Never any Hidden Fees or Fluctuating Charges!

Medical Waste Disposal Services

We provide the best service in industry

What You Need TO Know Before Signing On With A Medical Waste Company...

Before signing on with a Medical Waste Company, there are many questions that should be asked! See below for some helpful questions so you don’t get stuck with a Sharps Disposal Company that is over-priced, has un-ethical contracts, or doesn’t show up!

Sharps Disposal Companies have expanded over the years, so there are many choices. However, they’re not all built the same way. Some companies have high quality customer service and offer the necessary compliance training to keep you and your employees safe while others just don’t show up at all. Last, there are companies that charge high fees with hidden costs, while others can cut the cost between 20%-50% and even higher.

The list of questions below are a MUST before making an agreement:

What is the experience level of the company? History is important in any company – even a sharps disposal company!

    • What system is used for routes?
    • Is Compliance Training offered?
    • Is the Company 100% Compliant?
    • How effectively do they communicate?

Does the company seem open to work with you?

    • Not all needs are the same. Some companies need flexible scheduling or have specific pick up requests. It is important to find a company that is willing and open to discussing the specific needs of your company; a sharps disposal company willing to tailor to your needs!

Do they have simple billing?

    • It is crucial to find out how you will be charged – before you sign up! Waste companies can have a significant difference in fees when it comes to medical waste disposal. Check and make sure there are never any hidden fees or fuel charges.

Do they have a Compliance Officer | Customer Advocate?

    • Some companies have no level of support. It is important that the company you sign on with has someone that can walk you through compliance training as well as support you through the process of how their companies works and anything else you need support with.

Questioning what you can put into the red bag? Or, better yet – where you can purchase sharps containers? See some resources below that will help you!

Have Questions?

Try searching for your answers!

Tired of Being Poked?

See our Compliance Solution Below!

 Review the list from the NIH to read many principles on how to safely dispose of sharps.

All staff employed at Healthcare facilities should follow guidelines for handling sharps safely when disposing of them. Safety first! Follow these steps below:

  • Handle Sharps as little as possible.
  • Promptly Discard (approved sharps container)
  • Fill sharps containers only to the “fill line”
  • Close when not being uses
  • Keep in room away from the public

Read below for a more descriptive overview:

Sharps Safety When Handling

  • Do not pass sharps from hand to hand.
  • Used needles cannot be bent or broken before disposal.
  • Used sharps must immediately be discarded promptly into a sharps container.

Sharps Containers:

  • Must be kept in a space that avoids spillage.
  • Must be kept at a height that allows for safe disposal of sharps.
  • Must be kept away from the public.
  • Must be filled only to “fill line”.
  • Once full, must be disposed of.
  • Should be closed between uses.
  • Must only be used for sharps.
  • Should be disposed of after 3 months even when not full.
So What Is It That Sets Us Apart From The Other Medical Waste Disposal Companies?
  • Access To Electronic Manifests
  • Access To All Invoicing History
  • Compliance Training Portal
  • Safety Plans
  • ICD9-ICD10 Conversion
  • Plus More!
  • Flexible Frequency
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Cradle to Grave Tracking
  • Personal Customer Advocate
  • Prompt Service

“Providing up to date information to help you stay informed on the latest trends in the industry as well as staying safe and compliant”

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