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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

GA Permit # PBR-0154-15COL | SC Permit # SC11-011T  | Medical Waste Transfer Station Permit # PBR-093-015TS

Sharps, Pathological, Trace Chemo and Non-Hazardous

Go Green Medical Waste Solutions – offering Pharmaceutical waste pick up with no hidden fees!  We want to help you learn how to properly dispose your pharmaceuticals. Browse our resources tab for more information!

We service the following areas in Georgia: 
Including, but not limited to, Macon, Atlanta, Athens, Alpharetta, Rome, and Roswell areas. We also service throughout Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Our services help protect the environment and communities. Think GREEN! Call today to learn more about our bucket program!

Our biohazard waste disposal services include:

Pick Up Schedule Based on Customer Needs | All Bio Boxes, Red Bags, and Labels | Guidance On Compliance Needs | Document Sterilization, Transfer and Disposal 

We Have Simple Billing & Never any Hidden Fees or Fluctuating Charges!

What You Need TO Know Before Signing On With A Medical Waste Company...

Before signing on with a Medical Waste Company, there are many questions that should be asked! See below for some helpful questions so you don’t get stuck with a Sharps Disposal Company that is over-priced, has un-ethical contracts, or doesn’t show up!

Sharps Disposal Companies have expanded over the years, so there are many choices. However, they’re not all built the same way. Some companies have high quality customer service and offer the necessary compliance training to keep you and your employees safe while others just don’t show up at all. There are companies that charge high fees with hidden costs, while others can cut the cost between 20%-50% and even higher.

The list of questions below are a MUST before making an agreement:

What is the experience level of the company? History is important in any company – even a sharps disposal company!

    • What system is used for routes?
    • Is Compliance Training offered?
    • Is the Company 100% Compliant?
    • How effectively do they communicate?

Does the company seem open to work with you?

    • Not all needs are the same. Some companies need flexible scheduling or have specific pick up requests. It is important to find a company that is willing and open to discussing the specific needs of your company; a sharps disposal company willing to tailor to your needs!

Do they have simple billing?

    • It is crucial to find out how you will be charged – before you sign up! Waste companies can have a significant difference in fees when it comes to medical waste disposal. Check and make sure there are never any hidden fees or fuel charges.

Do they have a Compliance Officer | Customer Advocate?

    • Some companies have no level of support. It is important that the company you sign on with has someone that can walk you through compliance training as well as support you through the process of how their companies works and anything else you need support with.

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