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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance For Generators of Regulated Medical Waste

Resources For Individual States Regarding Medical Waste Regulations

Each state is held liable for their compliance in regards to the regulation of medical waste. The resource links provided by Go Green Solutions, LLC are here to help you stay safe and compliant. Depending on your state, the link will either take you to medical waste regulations for your particular state or you will be directed to the regulatory resource pdf. Please contact Go Green Solutions, LLC for any questions you have and we will be happy to help you!

Links To Federal Regulatory Resources

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Medical Waste & Who Regulates It, Resources for Hazardous Waste Generators | Specific Waste Regulations

346 Toxic Substances and Infectious Substances (Hazard Class 6)

OSHA Safety for healthcare facilities

What Training is required by a generator using a medical waste pick up service? DOT hazmat training – PHMSA – Training

Sharps Generated By Those Other Than Healthcare Facilities: How to properly dispose of sharps and reduce the risk of spreading diseases.

CDC Guidance Library & Topic Specific Guidelines

OSHA Resources: Compliance Training Guidelines, Sharps Compliance, Post-Exposure Procedures, Etc.

CDC Resources: Post-Exposure Guidelines, Preventing the Spread of Diseases

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