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Go Green Solutions, LLC is more than a Medical Waste Company. Please see a list of the services we offer below.

“Providing Quality Service & Exceptional Customer Support”

Go Green Solutions, LLC

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal

Pick ups based on customer needs, no hidden fees or fuel charges, and cradle to grave tracking!

efficient, flexible, & no hidden fees

30 Gal Bio Box

Remote Management, & Cost Reduction

Reducing the total cost of your ad services while increasing foot traffic just got easier! We will help you to develop digital ads all while helping you to stay GREEN!

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

We have various digital ad displays including hand sanitizer digital ad displays and up to 43 inch digital ad displays.

Infection & Odor Control

Infection & Odor Control

Using our cordless electrostatic sprayer, we ensure a powerful - eco friendly clean at your facility!

disinfect, clean, sanitize, & deodorize

Using our cordless electrostatic sprayer, Go Green Solutions ensures a powerful – eco friendly clean! The magnetically charged sprayer offers a 360° coating on all surfaces, including any curved edges, hidden, as well as hard to reach areas that would normally be missed by the average spraying or misting equipment.

It is proven that this technology offers up to 3X the coverage area than the regular disinfecting and sanitizing methods! 

Infection and Odor Control

Easy, Electronic, Personal Assistant

When it comes to Risk Management, it is important to go to the right place! Online Compliance Training does not have to be difficult or timely.

Call today and speak with our compliance officer for more information for BBP, HIPAA, Hazcom and any other regulatory compliance training you may need!

OSHA Training Online
OSHA Compliance Training Online

Online Compliance Training

We have a customized customer portal which includes a full online compliance suite for your OSHA Training!

For more information, visit the Go Green Blog

Go Green Solutions, LLC

E Waste Recycling in Aiken County

Operations Manager Bennett Edwards, Sales Manager Kerrie Newsome and Plant Manager John Amiro at ILS. By Valerie Sliker, courtesy Wagener Monthly The global E waste

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