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Review The List From The NIH To Read Many Principles On How To Safely Dispose Of Sharps.

All staff employed at Healthcare facilities should follow guidelines for handling sharps safely when disposing of them. Safety first! Follow these steps below to learn more about sharps safety:

  • Handle Sharps as little as possible.
  • Promptly Discard (approved sharps container)
  • Fill sharps containers only to the “fill line”
  • Close when not being uses
  • Keep in room away from the public

Read below for a more descriptive overview:

Sharps Safety When Handling

  • Do not pass sharps from hand to hand.
  • Used needles cannot be bent or broken before disposal.
  • Used sharps must immediately be discarded promptly into a sharps container.

Sharps Containers:

  • Must be kept in a space that avoids spillage.
  • Must be kept at a height that allows for safe disposal of sharps.
  • Must be kept away from the public.
  • Must be filled only to “fill line”.
  • Once full, must be disposed of.
  • Should be closed between uses.
  • Must only be used for sharps.
  • Should be disposed of after 3 months even when not full.

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