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Solid Waste Management – Bladen County, NC  

“Keep Bladen Beautiful”

Solid Waste

Solid Waste Management Plan 2012-2022 DRAFT

Director – Kip McClary [email protected]
Accounting Technician – Brandon Smith [email protected]

Office 910-645-4279
Fax 910-645-2181

1522 Mercer Mill RD
Elizabethtown NC 28337


Bladen County operates its own solid waste collection, disposal, and recycling programs through
its Enterprise Fund. Residential solid waste generated by rural households (individual and multifamily
dwellings) is accepted at our Convenience/Recycling Centers by depositing waste in an
enclosed compactor or 30 yd open top roll-off container. Waste is hauled from the Convenient
Centers to the Transfer Station through one of our three (3) county owned roll-off trucks. Our
frontloading truck collects waste from the 50 remaining 6 yd dumpsters located at the
government buildings and schools.

Households are charged user fees annually of $60 for collection and $70 for disposal.

Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste is accepted at the transfer station for a tipping fee of
$45 per ton. The incorporated towns contract their curbside Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
collection through Waste Management funded by monthly user fees. The towns of Tar Heel and
East Arcadia depend on the county operated programs. The county currently transfers all MSW
to Sampson County Disposal, Inc., a private Landfill facility located outside of Roseboro, N.C
Seventeen (17) Convenience/Recycling Centers are in full operation and strategically located
throughout the county. They are fenced in, well lighted for night/early morning use, landscaped,
and manned by security officers. Operational hours for the Convenience/Recycling Centers are
from 7a.m. to 7 p.m. each day except Wednesday and Sunday. All Centers accept yard waste
(small limbs, straw, grass clippings and shrubbery). Recycling and reuse items collected at the
Centers are passenger and light truck tires, lead acid batteries, white goods (appliances), scrap
metals, steel/tin & aluminum cans, plastics (bottles & containers), all colors of glass (bottles &
jars), used motor oil, electronics, corrugated cardboard, paperboard, news paper & magazines, oil
filters, oyster shells, and triple rinsed pesticide containers. You can reach any center by dialing

Bladen County takes advantage of its affiliation with Keep America Beautiful to help educate the

citizens of Bladen County on the proper way to handle waste in our area. The purpose of this
program is to promote proper handling of solid waste including reduction, reuse and recycling as
well as litter prevention. The Keep Bladen Beautiful (KBB) program is in full operation and we
encourage you to get involved!

Bladen County’s long range vision is to implement an ongoing Comprehensive Waste

Management Program. A program that will continue to give us direction in our mission to
collect, recycle, and dispose of solid waste in the most economically and environmentally sound
way possible, while influencing positive attitudes toward solid waste management and keeping
our county clean an beautiful!

To Report Illegal Dumping:Kip McClary, 910-876-3490

Solid Waste Enforcement Officer


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