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Urban Dictionary: MCF

The slogan to a Northern Seattle Gang and soon the future members. This can be used in a caring and helpful tone or a pissed off swear word. MCF does not mean

Mongolian Cluster Fuck

or Members comes first. MCF truly and honestly means Maggie Clit Fuck. The word derives from the original two profits who attend weekly,


Bluff. These profits are not only known as social icons but the one and only

Meef Chief

and his loyal followers and scribes.

Spencer: Wow….Way to go


Barrett: Dude, my bad!


:Wow, you Maggie Clit Fuck!

John: Hey be nice boys. MCF is pretty hurtful.


Ass holes


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A Northern Seattle gang, whose members are extremely into soccer and attend a Catholic School. A MCF member goes weekly to their favorite restaurant, Maggie Bluffs. MCF also is direct correlation with a

Meef Chief

. To get in this gang you must go on a


of gnarfing. A member must also be one with a hard


and good amount of hair. We have weekly sessions of soccer tennis and culinary events.

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Odd Nerdrum, one of Norway’s most famous and controversial artists, was sentenced to two years in prison on Wednesday the 17th. of August 2011 after a local court in Oslo found him guilty of

tax evasion

. Nerdrum has earlier denied his guilt and will have 14 days to appeal after official receipt of the sentence.


it’s fully in line with Odd Nerdrum’s critique of modern society’s


and in-humanization. M.C.F.

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Computer Failure. When a computer suffers a critical error of which the user has never witnessed before, typically to the extent of producing screens/sounds that he/she has never seen or heard in the past, causing a great amount of anxiety or fear. The notorious

blue screen of death

could be called an MCF, as it doesn’t occur often for the average

computer user

, and, as one can see from the name alone, is quite intimidating, if not fear-inspiring.

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